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Our website provides a great property search, but you just don't know what the house down the street sold for!! The neighbors might know the real scoop but might not! You don't want to ask your new neighbors, but you want to keep up with what the values in your neighborhood are doing. After all it is a big asset!  Now there's a better way. Sign up for the Free Sold Homes Alert and let someone else do the tedious research for you. No obligation and no cost. When properties in your neighborhood or condo complex are sold, you will receive an email with the information!  These will include Property Photos and Information. Keep Up with what is going on in your neighborhood!   For Additional Details or for a complete analysis of what your home is worth in today's market,
give us a call 800-303-4400 or email us today.  No cost and never any obligation.

In Florida, Realtors on first meeting are Transaction Agents & can become Single Agents by Agreement

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This system is designed to offer you accurate and quick e-mail information on any homes sold in the MLS
data system.  If you are not receiving your desired results or wish to change your area of sold homes,
 please send me an e-mail or call 800-303-4400. You may also cancel this service at any time by
 sending me an email.  Please include your name and email address when you registered