Fly & Buy
Rebate Program
When Buying In Tampa Bay

Free Round Trip Airfare for Your Real Estate Buying Trip.

Dick Sells will rebate you for your round trip airfare for two when you select him to represent you in the purchase of real estate in the Tampa Bay Area.

 Rules for the Rebate
Free Round Trip Airfare for Your Real Estate Buying Trip

  • You must register with Dick Sells Broker or Agent Participating, prior to initial visit. 
  • Rebate is limited to one trip for the purchase of a property in excess of $200,000.  This trip must be made prior to any contract offer and acceptance.
  • Rebate is based on .005% (1/2of 1%) of the total sales price. Rebate is based on a maximum of the above, but is based on the ticket price only and if the ticket price is less than the maximum, only that amount will be rebated and if the ticket price is more than the maximum, only the maximum will be given. (example: $200,000 sales price the maximum rebate would be up to $1,000.00 on air fare for all concerned. 
  • Offer good on Single Family Residential Homes or Condos. 
  • Rebate cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, discount, referral fee paid to another agent for sending you to us or rebate.
  • The offer is only for those people that are on the contract with a maximum of (2) two people.  If 2 or more people are involved in the contract, the  maximum is (2) per purchase. 
  • Only coach travel will be reimbursed and would require a 30 day advance ticket purchase and receipts for airfare are required prior to closing.  If booked less than 30 days, the rate of a 30 day advance booking will be used. 
  • All Flights must be book thru Cruise Planners American Express Sea To Shore Travel at www.seatoshoretravel.com
  • To find out if your trip will qualify and for more information contact Dick Sells Broker or Call 727-569-0555, 800-303-4400 or 727-647-4400

Travel must be booked with Cruise Planners American Express Sea to Shore Travel Click Here To Book